Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is our commitment to you and your child. We deeply value consent and honor your privacy. With Robert’s App, you can easily delete your data and undo your signup.

What we can see

When you create an account with Robert's App, our team can see your accounts email address, the email addresses of the family members who accept an invitation to join the platform, the names of the moods and coping actions your family adds to the platform, and usage information. For all other types of information we use data encryption for your privacy.

Our business model

We are an early stage startup still experimenting with our business model. We use the information we can see about your family to improve Robert's App.

Accessing your data

You can see all the data that Robert's App stores about you in the data section when you are logged in.

Do not sell

We will not sell your date to data brokers. We may be acquired by another company one day, and your data may be an asset in that sale. You can request that your data be excluded from sale by emailing with the subject "Do Not Sell".

Deleting your data

You can delete your usage data and your account, including all the data that Robert's App stores about you, from the data section when you are logged in. When you delete your data, it is immediately and permanently deleted from the Robert's App database.

Website Analytics

We do not collect any site analytics data. We do not set tracking cookies, store IP addresses, or any other personal data when you browse our website.